Goulbourn Lanark Soccer League

Discipline Information

The Goulbourn Lanark Soccer League (GLSL) has been delegated by the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association (EODSA) to enforce discipline for some offences.  More serious offences will be passed up to the EODSA for processing. 

Any discipline issued by the GLSL follows the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) Discipline By Review (DBR) System and applies the Standard Penalties for Misconduct (OSA Section 9.0, Policy 9.0).

If you receive a red card that you do not agree with, you have the right to request to be disciplined using the OSA Discipline By Hearing (DBH) System. This written letter of appeal MUST be submitted to the GLSL within 3 days of receiving the red card.  Is is recommended that you find out why you received the red card before submitting an appeal.

The letter of appeal must specify your rationale for appealing the decision of the GLSL.  Your rationale must include:

a) Making a decision for which the Respondent did not have the authority or jurisdiction as set out in the applicable governing documents;
b) New facts were not available when the decision was made ;
c) Failing to properly interpret the relevant Published Rules;
d) Failing to follow procedures as laid out in the relevant Publishes Rules;
e) Making a decision that was influenced by bias
f) Alleged excessive fine, fee, bond, or suspension.

Failure to provide adequate rationale will result in your appeal being disallowed.

If you do not contact the league within 3 days of receiving the red card, the OSA Standard Penalties for Misconduct will be applied using DBR system.

If, after the GLSL hearing, you disagree with the decision of the Discipline Hearing Panel, you must appeal the decision to the EODSA within 14 days of the hearing notification.  Please follow this link for the EODSA Rights of Appeal. For further information on this discipline process, please see the OSA Discipline Policy and OSA Appeals Policy.