Goulbourn Lanark Soccer League

About the GLSL

Multi-Jurisdictional Club League

The GLSL is a "Multi-Jurisdictional Club League" (MJCL), a recreational-only league formed from teams from multiple clubs, managed by a separate league executive (as opposed to being managed by any one club). Within the context Ontario Soccer (OS), a MJCL operates at the lowest level of the competitive tiers, the same level as a single-club league.

The primary purpose of a MJCL is to provide a venue for competition among geographically-adjacent clubs who are individually too small to form sufficient teams to provide appropriate development opportunities for recreational players.

The GLSL consists of the following six member clubs:

  • Almonte Soccer Club (ASC)
  • Arnprior McNab Braeside United Soccer Club (AMBUSC)
  • Carleton Place Soccer Club (CPSC)
  • Smith Falls Soccer Club (SFSC)
  • Perth United Soccer Club (PUSC)
  • West Carleton Soccer Club (WCSC)
  • Annual membership for additional Clubs who may apply to enter teams

The board of directors for the league is comprised of positions based upon job descriptions for the various tasks to be performed within the league.  The voting structure is based upon equal representation of the member clubs (refer to the GLSL documents page for a copy of the league constitution which outlines the league rules / regulations.)

Primary League Functions

The major function of the league is to organize and manage the smooth operation of the games in a roughly 10 to 12 week schedule , and to manage a separate season-ending cup competition or festival, depending on the age divisions.

The major tasks are:

  • Agree to the number and structure of the divisions based upon club registrations.
  • Develop a schedule for each division.
  • Manage discipline issues within the league
  • Maintain divisional standings (for those divisions requiring standings)
  • Host end-of-season cup competition (for those divisions that require it) 

Club Responsibilities 

Each member club is responsible for:

  • The registration of its member players and the management of the resulting teams.  Each club will submit the number of teams within each division to allow for game scheduling. The league does not register players or coaches.
  • The provision and maintenance of home fields.  They are to identify all available fields to the league to allow for scheduling.  The league does not apply for any field permits, except for the end-of-season Cup.
  • Providing referees for all of their home games, and for the payment of the referees. All referees are to be trained in accordance with the OSA and GLSL requirements.  While there is a district-wide shortage of referees, coaches will need to be prepared to agree on a "volunteer referee" if a referee does not arrive at your game.
  • Each member club is expected to provide volunteers to assist in the operation of the league and the end of season cup/festival.